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Have you ever imagined an electronic solution for agriculture which connects farmers to other farmers, pricing and market centres, governments, disaster warning and weather information centres and even, e-Extension services, suppliers and service providers?

Smart Farmer is robust SAP-powered technology solution which achieves that by connecting agricultural communities to value adding services through networks with markets, suppliers, service providers, other farmers and relevant government departments. This is done through the provision of userfriendly, efficient and flexible ICT-based services which cut across many functions and access channels. Smart Farmer seeks to assist farming communities and other stakeholders in doing things smarter, with transparency, accountability and efficiency, while driving profitability.

From the farmer operating right next to the urban markets to the farming markets in remote areas - Smart Farmer connects everyone. Learn more about Smart Farmer and find out how you can tap into leading enterprise resource planning software to give your agricultural enterprise an edge.

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