Solution Features

  • Peer to Peer communication for Farmer to Farmer Interaction
  • Farmer-to-Government Communication
  • Government-to-Farmer Communication
  • Government-to-Government Communication
  • Price tracking and reporting
  • Agricultural Alert Systems ending and receiving)
  • Commodities offer and bid facilitation
  • Location services for service providers
  • Production Information Systems e.g. Best practices, planning, etc
  • E-extension services

These services assist farmers throughout the production cycle - from planning to sale stages, whether locally, regionally or globally. Smart Farmer offers a new way through which information systems in agriculture are vastly improved.

The 5 Smart Farmer Application areas
Smart Farmer facilitates advanced Information Systems which ensure that critical information is readily available to farmers. This information extends to the following:-

  • Agronomic Requirements
  • Market-related Information
  • Environmental Information
  • Legislation Information Requirements
  • Communication and Interaction Activities

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